Avanzar Consulting is committed to delivering effective solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our team has extensive experience and relationships with councils and allied professionals to ensure that you receive practical, high quality advice and solutions.

Here’s how we can help you:

Integrated Transport Assessments

We undertake Integrated Transport Assessments to assess the potential transport impacts of a development and can recommend innovative design solutions to avoid and mitigate adverse impacts. Our transport engineers and planners work closely together to integrate land use and transport planning outcomes, and regularly prepare ITAs to support resource consent applications, plan changes or submissions.

Road Safety Audits

Avanzar Consulting has extensive experience in transport engineering and can provide independent peer review of road projects. We will consider the safety of all road users, and report on safety issues and opportunities for improvement. Avanzar Consulting has been involved in all stages of safety auditing from feasibility through to post construction. We work with local and national controlling authorities as well as developers.

Resource and Subdivision Consents

Resource and subdivision consent applications can be complicated if you are not familiar with the relevant legislation, plans and council practices, and delays can be costly. Our team is experienced in all facets of resource management planning and can help you navigate through the process of obtaining consents from your local or regional council.

Our team is familiar with the level of information required for various types of applications. We can advise on consenting strategy and prepare applications to meet statutory requirements, reducing the risk of delays to your project.

We can assist with pre-application evaluations, preparation of the consent applications, assessments of effects, consultation, expert planning evidence at council hearings and the Environment Court.

Our experience includes:

  • Commercial and industrial developments including retail and office complexes, tourism activities and guest accommodation
  • Healthcare facilities, retirement villages, educational and spiritual facilities
  • Mixed use developments
  • Heritage buildings
  • Subdivision projects – from simple two lot subdivisions to masterplanned developments
  • Rural subdivision and landuse
  • New houses and additions
  • Regional council approvals such as water and discharge permits.

Site Development and Advice

Developing land can be a significant investment decision. Avanzar can help you to understand the development potential of your site, and the relevant zoning rules and requirements. We can undertake due diligence, site selection and feasibility studies to help you to make informed decisions and identify any potential obstacles.

Policy Planning, Research and Analysis

Avanzar consulting is able to undertake planning policy and strategic plan development or reviews, as well as analyse of submissions on behalf of local authorities.

Research and analysis are critical components of this process. At Avanzar Consulting, we have extensive practical experience combined with academic rigour to deliver effective research and analysis to inform your project and give a full understanding of issues and options.

Our team includes Dr Jillian Frater who lectures in planning at Lincoln University and specialises in active transport, and Jen Orange with a Masters in Environment and Sustainability, and experience in strategic research and reporting relating to urban sustainability.

Project Management

Avanzar Consulting is able to manage the provision of the key services required to develop a site successfully. We work in an integrated collaborative manner within our multidisciplinary team, and have excellent relationships with a range of preferred providers of additional services that may be such as surveyors, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, infrastructure designers and structural engineers.

At the beginning of a project, we will provide you with detailed costing estimates and timelines, and will report on these on an ongoing basis throughout the project.

Plan Changes

We prepare district and regional plan changes for both private interests and local authorities. Our planners are experienced in dealing with all facets of the plan change process from start to finish, and can explain the intricacies of the process and deliver sound timely advice throughout your project.

We have been involved in the preparation of both large and small scale private plan changes for industrial developments, rural lifestyle developments and complex, large greenfields residential developments.


We can help you with the preparation of submissions relating to consent applications, and local authority plans, policies and strategies.

Master Planning

We are experienced with the master planning process and can provide planning advice for the development of large land holdings.

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