What are the changes to the Christchurch District Plan and how do they affect me?

The Christchurch City Council has prepared Plan Change 5 to its District Plan. These changes have the potential to have a significant impact on what some land in the District can be used for.

It is important that you identify whether your property or adjoining properties will be affected by these changes, and that, if affected, you protect your property rights and values by submitting on the Plan Change.

Some of the changes that may impact on you and your property include:

  • Changes to reinforce that offices and shops are to be primarily located in the Central City, as well as clarifying the role of the Central City, Key Activity Centres and Neighbourhood centres as commercial focal points.
  • Changes are proposed to the policies and rules for commercial activities (retailing and offices) and commercial zones to clarify and better reflect the intent and the outcomes sought, including the role of centres and types and scale of activities sought in different centres.
  • Changes are proposed to policies and rules for industrial zones to improve clarity. These include clearer direction for the redevelopment of former industrial land for residential and mixed uses that support good neighbourhood design.
  • Changes are proposed to policies and rules for people working at home (home occupations) to ensure the type and scale of activity is appropriate in a residential environment. This follows a decision on a proposed funeral home in Rochdale Street, a residential street in Fendalton.
  • Simplify a rule for noise insulation near railways and roads.
  • Changes to zoning and overlays on the planning maps for specific sites, including to reflect what is already happening or anticipated, zone new roads and open spaces for their intended purpose, as well as realigning the zone boundaries between Christchurch and our neighbouring Districts.
  • A change is proposed for 83 Clyde Road, Ilam (Kate Sheppard House) to widen the range of activities that can take place on the site and extend the hours of operation.
  • Changes are required as a result of the new National Policy Statement on Urban development that requires removal of car parking requirements. This includes consequential changes such as the landscaping rule for car parking areas, which is based on the number of car parking requirements.
  • Provide for antenna associated with telecommunications at an appropriate scale.
  • Enable temporary signs associated with general and local government elections (candidate and party) and referendums.

The above list is a brief summary of the changes proposed. It is important to submit on matters that may affect you: a submission allows you to be part of the process and allows you the opportunity to appeal further through the plan change process if a decision is made that you don’t agree with. While initial submissions need only be relatively brief, a well thought out submission has a greater chance of being successful. Our staff are experienced in advising people through the plan change process and can assist you to prepare a submission in a very cost effective manner. Please give us a call, email or use our contact form to discuss your concerns about the Proposed Plan Changes in more detail. Submissions close on the Monday 30th November at 5pm.