Our Response To COVID 19

The health, safety and wellbeing of our team, communities and clients is of the highest concern to Avanzar Consulting Ltd. Consequently, we take very seriously the guidelines and policies put into place by the Ministry of Health and Government, whilst at the same time trying to be agile and responsive to the needs of all […]

Selwyn District Plan Review

The Selwyn District Plan Review is currently underway. The review proposes changes in zoning and in the rules that apply to properties in the Selwyn District.  These changes have the potential to have a significant impact on what some land in the District can be used for. It is important that you identify whether your […]

Fast tracking the RMA

As a result of the effects of Covid-19 the ANZ bank predicts the New Zealand economy will be 10.4% smaller in December of this year than it was in January.  The Government is proposing stimulating the economy and providing employment by funding projects. This is proposed in association with fast tracking the Resource Management Act […]

Opportunities in Planning

As Machiavelli wrote, “Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis”. In the midst of the worldwide Covid-19 crisis, people all around the world are considering what the world will and could look like post-Covid-19. There are an increasing number of articles out there on this topic. The following is a brief summary of […]

Thinking Ahead – A Guide

The unknowns around New Zealand’s current Alert Level 4, and subsequent moves through the levels, coupled with unknowns as to when a vaccine will be available; when New Zealand’s borders can open, when international tourists will return, and what level of impact all of this will have on New Zealanders spending power will clearly have […]

Buying a property? Know your property’s potential!

When you are buying a property, its important, whether or not you are buying for solely investment purposes, to understand what the potential for development for that property is.  Its also important to understand what forms of development may be allowed on neighbouring properties, and how future neighbouring development might affect you. Understanding planning implications […]

Are you a Hurunui District resident or ratepayer?

If so, then you might have received notice from Environment Canterbury about Plan Change 1 to the Hurunui and Waiau River Regional Plan.    The Hurunui and Waiau River Regional Plan currently requires all farms where nutrient losses have increased by more than 10% since 2013 to apply for a resource consent.  Dryland farms (those […]

Welcome to our Blog

Avanzar Consulting is a boutique resource management planning and traffic engineering consultancy with staff in Christchurch and Timaru.    Welcome to our blog, where we plan to post interesting information relating to the planning and traffic engineering fields, as well as a bit more about us and what we do. We’ve love to hear your […]